On this day 17 years back, a promising director and an actor made their mark through the movie named “KAADHAL KONDEIN”. This movie was released along with  “Whistle” and “Nala Dhamayanthi” on the same day.  Kaadhal Kondein traces the life of Vinoth who had a terrible childhood, meets his angel “Divya” when he joins a college. 
Vinoth’s character in this movie broke all the cliches in Tamil cinema for a typical hero character. Unlike a very handsome looking happy-go-lucky person who chases a girl to fall for him,Vinoth is a type of guy whom we all would have met in our class. A not so well-groomed nerd who always tops in exams and does not bother to make any friends. There is a particular scene where Vinoth steps into Divya’s room for a group study, where she finds deep scars on Vinoth’s body. It is from there, she develops an empathy for him, and she becomes even closer to him than before. The scenes like how other people treat Vinoth and how Vinoth eats Divya’s food as if he did not have food for the past 10 days looks realistic.
Vinoth’s character is not just an innocent studious boy. It has many hidden layers that come out in the latter part of the plot. He is a person who was abused as a child. He is an orphan having no one in this world to care for him. He would go to any extreme to protect the person he cares. This shade of Vinoth looks strange. Later, when Vinoth falls for Divya, this shade of him gets even more serious. Later he misunderstands Fr. Rozario’s advice and tries to get possessive over Divya. Over time Divya falls in love with her fellow collegemate, Aadhi. This raises a  dark shade in Vinoth.  
The scenes where Vinoth showcases his unconditional love and obsession for Divya in the forest are praiseworthy. Dhanush’s performance during that scene is beautifully penned and filmed in an excellent sequence. However irrational his actions maybe that scene has separate followers. He holds a lot of emotional connect with the audience from the beginning. This makes Vinoth have a special place in our hearts. 
There are just a bunch of movies that strongly talk about issues that we ourselves dither to talk about, Kadhal Konden is one such film. Sexuality has been a common element in almost all Selva’s films and Kadhal Konden dealt with more universal issues like an existential crisis, physical obsession, and adolescence. The flashback scenes which show the childhood days of Vinoth are very hard-hitting. It focuses on how young children who work in factories are abused and taken advantage of. It could have been more subtle though. Probably, the director wanted it to create an impact on us so that we could understand the abnormal behavior of Vinoth. Most of the scenes in flashback carry natural lighting which adds different kinds of emotional hues in the audience.
None of you will forgive me if I forget to mention the man who is the backbone of this film. He is the one who elevated the movie with his music, that man is Yuvanshankar Raja. All the songs are chartbusters and are being played even now in music channels during prime time. His music also helped Selvaraghavan to pull the young crowd towards this masterpiece. There’s a trivia that Selva wanted to treat the climax fight in a different manner where Vinoth fights with Aadhi. He just rang up to Yuvan before a day or two of the planned shoot day and pitched him this idea.  In that particular scene, Vinoth beats Aadhi as he makes a few dance moves and starts screaming “Divvvyaaaa Divyaaaa… Divvvyaaa Divyaaaa…”. This got a great reception from the audience and made the film even more intriguing. 
“En vazhkai nee ingu thandhadhu,
Adi un naatkal naan ingu vaazhvadhu.. 
Kadhal illai idhu kaamam illai,
Indha uravukku ulagaththil peyarillai.”
If Yuvan is the backbone, then Na. Muthukumar is the heart of this film. His lines beautifully convey the pain which Vinoth carries in his heart. The cinematography of the film is amazing and makes us cherish it for longer. Dhanush established himself as a powerful performer in this film which turned out to be a breakthrough for him as well as for the director Selvaraghavan. From being a disturbed introvert to an absolute crazy person who desperately needs love. The movie unfolds all shades of Vinoth’s character which will remain as one of the best performances rendered by Dhanush. We would forever remember that one last smile Vinoth planted before embracing his death. Let’s remember this beautifully penned character forever and ever.
Happy birthday Vinoth…!

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