Is Jessy’s Prayers in KAPPELA left unanswered by the god?

Director: Suresh Babu, Muhammed Musthafa

Cast: Anna Ben, Sreenath Bhasi, Roshan Mathew, Muhammad Musthafa, Tanvi Ram, Sudhi Koppa

Music director: Sushin Shyam

Cinematographer: Jimshi Khalid

Jessy (Anna Ben) is a daughter of a daily wager and a tailor, who lives in a rural area. As her mother is a tailor, she develops a passion for embroidery. The plot develops when Jessy falls for a guy to whom she misdials once.  Her life gets changed, in other words there is a spark of light in the movie. The remaining storyline has a lot in its kitty and deals on how she faces the harsh reality.
It is highly difficult to pen down such a script which breaks all types of cliche in typical Indian films. The writing team deserves praise for their impressive work. On the other hand, cinematographer holds the film upright with his pleasing visuals. The scene where Jessy starts responding to Vishnu is neatly knitted which makes the audience to fall for him as Jessy does. 
Anna Ben who is portrayed as a courageous character in her last outing (HELEN), plays the main character here. The other two important characters played by Roshan Mathew and Sreenath Bhasi give their best interest of performance. 


The stunt choreographer has made the sequences more realistic which makes the scenes more gripping. 

No wonder if you get the famous Tamil phrases on seeing Jessy’s situation like “Koduma koduma orutha koilukku pona anga oru Koduma Jingu Jingu nu aduchaam”

The romance in the movie drives the plot a bit slow. But I can assure that you won’t regret watching it. The movie withholds a lot of emotions or desire from the beginning. The film gets extremely dramatic in places.

The writing team is worth applauding for sketching characters in an astonishing way.

The assumptions made by the audience are often proven wrong by the director and scriptwriter.  The background score looks subtle and works well.  It leaves a huge impact in few particular scenes.

This movie enfolds a metaphor which every women seek in their life. The movie contains a few funny bits which work perfectly well. The Metaphor of freedom, waves in every human being’s body. Kappela a skillfull piece of work tried to knit all kinds of emotions together.
Definitely, KAPPELA (MeaningChapel) is a WORTH WATCH.
Stream it on NETFLIX to fall in love with this wittily penned film.

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