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Have you ever felt tightly struck by the heavenly feel of getting to live along with the characters described in a book? All of a sudden, the words seem to be magical and drag us into its pages. Thereby, we whip up and conceptualize a whole new world in which we have never been a part. This is because of a momentous skill called “IMAGINATION”.

The birth of this skill is natively connected to our births too. Initially, we acquired this skill with no formal pen, paper education but through the self made encyclopedias present at our homes, called grandparents. More precisely, everytime when we heard “Once upon a time…” or to be more colloquial ” ஒரு ஊர்ல…”

Ever since then, these phrases were meant to kick start our imaginations. Diverse variety of stories, from vada-crow partnership to political epic Ramayan, everything were told to us.

But today, after many decades, we are forced to go back and check if every aspect of these stories were made visible to us. Or did we have any censor for stories too?

If you feel you weren’t denied of anything, then we will have to cross-check few instances. Apart from being told all the tittle-tattles of the sage Naradha, were we told anything about his desire to become a woman?
In the renowned epic Ramayana, Other than Ram,Sita and Ravan, were we told anything about the two women who made love to each other and gave birth to a child?
Well, few things were utterly disgusted that people were not even ready to acknowledge its existence through stories.
Never the less, a sack of stories similar to these lie untold…

So, this makes the point more clear. We are intentionally made unaware of such stories which were considered to be ‘tabooed and unnatural’ by our grandparents. Perhaps, even they were made unaware of these stories by their grandparents and their grandparents by their grandparents and so on…
Supposedly, if we were told such things just as a matter of fact, in the past, then today we wouldn’t look at “LGBTQ+ nature” as something alien to us.

Next in the line of life, we move on to the aspect of education.Unexceptionally, schools and colleges are believed to be those institutions where students are aided with all the knowledge, without any bias. Here, we would have had hours and hours of socio-political classes. During these classes, Abraham Lincoln had definitely occupied many hours and many pages. His policies, views, reforms and general bio were being insisted on a regular basis. But, the other relevant fact, that he was largely labrished to be a homosexual never found its way to reach our ears.
And yeah! The great LEONARDO DA VINCI, the man of mystery has an equally interesting bio as well. We were told that he was an artist, an engineer, a scientist, a philosopher, a reformer and what not? But were never told, that he had a peculiar taste for men. We have always felt awestruck on seeing his stupendous paintings. But we did miss out to perceive how he had devised to merge the physical characteristics of both male and female as one. He had always believed in the oneness and considered human bodies as just two different variants, easing the process of reproduction. He was also arrested for sodomy twice and preferred to live in Milan, where gay culture was common during his times.

Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bisexual and Eunuch stories had never been in our plate, though they were all on the table.

The mentality of folks change with the change of era. Apparently, there must have been a period where different kinds of sexuality were not excluded from the society. This fact can be understood by scanning through the sculptures in Indian temples  (like Khajuraho temple). Conceivably, with the change of time and change of minds it would have become difficult for the LGBTQ community to earn its acceptance.

Now, after huge long struggles, we have privileged their existence legally. This time, stories through cinema has also played a major role in endorsing their existence. There are few Indian cinemas which really had the guts to publicize the stories of LGBTQ+ community, even before their legalisation.

Bollywood films like,

•Bombay talkies- In this anthology, an average bread earing wife Gayatri ( Rani mukerji) discovers her husband Dev’s ( Randeep Hooda) homosexuality to be the reason for their not so fanciful sexual relationship.

•Kapoor and sons- In this clumsy family drama, Rahul kapoor ( Fawad Khan) the eldest of Kapoor brothers, is found guilty by his mother for having engaged with his fellow male colleague.

•Ek ladki ko dheka toh aisa laga- Where sweety (Sonam Kapoor) and Kuhu (Regina Cassandra) fall for each other, and persistently fight for their acceptance in Sweety’s family.

Movies like Shubh mangal zyada saavdhan, Fire, Margarita with a Straw have also made a significant contribution with their stories, characters and their life experiences.

Kollywood movies like,

Super deluxe – In this non-stereotypical drama, Manickam’s( Vijay sethupathi) choice to become Shilpa is the primal cause for all his trauma. Shilpa akka’s entire life can be comprehended with the dialogue “Niyayam vera nadamurai vera ma” from the movie itself.

Aruvi- This is the story of two women who are claimed as unfit to lead a moderate life among the societal bugs. Emily, one honest transgender friend of the protagonist Aruvi, stays by her side throughout the film. Though Emily did not occupy the full screen, her insatiable livelihood can be understood through the dialogues placed then and there.

Adding to the list, films like Taramani and Dharmadurai also never failed to torch up the lives of Gay and transgender characters in them, respectively.

Telugu based films like Awe and Evaru can also be included in the line of pride.
Where ‘Awe’ is found to have considerably distinct and interesting story line.

Slowly and furtively, these stories are being revealed to us here and there. But the question is, Are we really listening to these stories with an open mind?

While many of us here are fighting to make a good living, there are few humans belonging to the LGBTQ+ community who are fighting for their acceptance. As a general fact, it takes quite a lot of time for the human kind to accept and practice a reform. Human minds are heavily conditioned, that it definitely demands sometime to recover and update from the previous version.
And so, we cannont expect everyone to immediately accept and celebrate homosexuality or bisexuality or any matter of that case. But, we can expect everyone, just not to disturb those who are deliberately fighting for their acceptance.

It’s quite unconvincing to describe the taste of a dish, without actually having it in your tongue. Like wise, it’s completely unconvincing to decide for someone else’s life, without actually viewing it through their eyes. Love is common to all. Love is the oneness. And love can hit you hard by any form, even if it is of your form.



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  1. Swetha Harish

    Very well written!! Lot of shocking facts too!!

  2. Achu

    Wow…A great initiative towards creating awareness to the least concerned community in our society…and the last para just hit me hard…Keep writing❤️

  3. Muthu

    When casteism and cultural diversity is being forced to childrens conciously, why tabooing LGBTQ ? Delighted seeing you being proactive to support them to belong with us 🌈❄️🌈

    Keep writing , keep inspiring/entertaining….!!!

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