Did Asif Ali say Kettiyolaanu ente Malakha?

Cast : Asif Ali, Veena Nandhakumar, Basil Joseph, Sruthi Lakshmi, Manohari Joy
Cinematographer: Abhilash Shankar
Music director: William Francis
Director: Nissam Basheer

Sleevachan (Asif Ali), a middle aged farmer who doesn’t feel comfortable around any women other than his mother, marries Rincy (Veena nandhakumar). Things become worse when Sleevachan goes rough towards Rincy due to his friends’ suggestion, which makes her to take a tough decision. The rest of the plot is set on how Sleevachan tries to get her back and if he wins her heart or not.

Asif Ali easily walks into the Sleevachan’s shoes and nails it with his performance. 

The film nicely shows the insecurities of an introvert person who’s not comfortable being around women.  The scene where Asif Ali trembles in fear to even talk to her during his Honeymoon

and tries to stay outside during night after marriage shows that he’s not comfortable around any woman other than his mother.On the other side ,Veena nandhakumar being the lead lady scores well with her reactions in all scenes especially when she finds her husband to be passed out after drinking in their first night.

This film shows how a shy person should not treat his wife and how he should win her out. 

The dialogues in this film are penned very neatly which makes us to emote appropriately. The interval block comes at an extremely high point which adds a credit to the film.

The scene where a doctor scolds Asif Ali for mistreating his wife portrays that even after marriage a man should treat his wife properly and should not force her.
The background music of the film could have been a little better. This film is definitely not for people who opt thriller movie since its genre is drama. 
The director Nissam Basheer definitely needs to be applauded for writing about a rare character and his insecurities. 
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