Oh, My Kadavule – A story about a guy who gets a second chance in life.

Director: Ashwath Marimuthu

Cast: Ashok selvan, Rithika Singh, Vani Bhojan, Sha Ra.

Music director: Leone James

Cinematographer: Vidhu Ayyanna

Arjun (Ashok selvan) and Anu(Ritika Singh) are two best friends since childhood, decide to get married. It becomes too late when Arjun finds that he couldn’t accept his best friend as wife.What happens if Arjun gets a rewind button to correct his mistakes and did he like the consequences incurred by the changes forms the rest of the plot.

“The film’s narrative style seems to be fresh and the fantasy element in the film makes it to be one of its kind. “

The cinematographer definitely makes the movie more pleasing with his visuals and the songs too strikes the chord really well.  Especially Kadhaippoma song and its visuals seems to be adorable. Meera character (Vani bhojan) though comes for only a short span ,steals our heart with her cuteness and splendid performance.

Mani’s (Sha Ra) comedy-timing works big time here. Also Arjun and Paulraj (MS Bhaskar) combination scenes are nicely penned which makes us to emote appropriately. Vijay sethupathy’s extended cameo along with Ramesh thilak seems to be a delight to all of us. The scene where Anu after a small misunderstanding with him, convinces Arjun’s parents to allow him to pursue his dreams looks to be laudable for his performance. The background score along with the additional tracks added in the film elevates the mood of the audience. 

The film has all the elements like Friendship, love , comedy and emotions in perfect blend justifying the genre. “

Lip sync for Ritika Singh could have been done better which seemed to be an issue in the tight frames. People who doesn’t like to mix up fantasy elements with a rom-com genre might not like this film.

This movie doesn’t look like a debut film because of the quality of work delivered by the writer cum director. Sid Sriram’s voice (kadhaippoma) along with the lovely visuals is significant and adds a credit to the success of the film.
Definitely, OH MY KADAVULE is a WORTH watch.
Stream it in Zee5 and enjoy watching this rom-com.
Shiva sasi

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