Guess who won the battle between Ayyapanum Koshiyum?

Director: Sachy

Cast: Prithviraj Sukumaran, Biju Menon, Anna Rajan, Gowri Nandha, Ranjith.

Music director: Jakes bejoy
Cinematographer: Sudeep Elamon

The entire plot is packed with a gripping ego-play between  Ayyapan Nair (Biju Menon) and Koshi kurian (Prithviraj Sukumaran) both not willing to compromise with each other and end up complicating things.The conflict begins from the very first scene of the film and makes you settle in the battle ground to a lot of interesting confrontation scenes. The stellar cast and cinematography plays a major delight to the film. 

This film also shares how an egoistic, manipulating father (Koshy’s father) could mess his son’s life when already his life is being fucked up.

” Ayyapan’s character arc is designed like a coin with two sides. “

One side he has a rough face, who doesn’t give a shit about law and order when he doesn’t have his police job and on the other hand he has got his well disciplined sincere police face when he is on duty. This kind of characterisation with little mysteries in his mannerism adds flavour to the conflict.For some people, this film could feel like a bit dragging because of its duration.

” Jakes bejoy definitely earns a credit for his powerful music (especially Adhakachakko & kalakkatha)  which further boosts the confrontation scenes to be intriguing. “

Prithviraj and Biju menon have given their best in terms of performance which make this flick to be more engaging. 
Definitely, Ayyapanum Koshiyum is a worth watch.
Stream it on Amazon prime to enjoy the battle between Ayyapan and Koshi.

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