Who is Nasir?

Director: Arun karthick
Cast: Jensan Diwakar, Bakkiyam Sankar, Sudha Ranganadhan, Koumarane Valavane, Sabari, Yasmin Rahman, Rajesh.
Cinematographer: Saumyananda Sahi
Nasir, a lower-middle-class salesman who loves loneliness and silence unfortunately meets with a horrible incident. The entire plot revolves around Nasir and how he is being treated. This feature film is adapted from a short story named “A clerk’s story” which portrays how the insecurities of a few hypocrites affect many people’s lives.
The cinematographer has played his part well by exploiting all possible ways to capture the livelihood of salesmen. All the frames look so different and the ratio of the entire film also looks disparate. The scene where Nasir recites his poem to his colleague and where he writes a letter to his wife look lovable.

The dialogues have been penned well which is a major strength to the film. One cannot help but relate the film to recent protests going on all over the world against racist. 

“This film certainly throws light on a few religious racists who want to politicize common issues for their own benefits. “

Not only discrimination because of skin color is racism;

even religion and caste-based discrimination is considered to be racism as well. “ ANBE SIVAM/ ANBE JESUS / ANBE ALLAH”

The entire cast has just lived their characters and the sound effects team deserves to be appreciated for their fantastic work.
This film is hard-hitting and is surely one of it’s kind.
Definitely, NASIR is a WORTH watch.
Stream this well-crafted film on Youtube as soon as possible before the premiere ends at 7PM on 07 June 2020.

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