Did Mommooty get his UNDA?

Director : Khalid Rahman

Cast : Mammootty, Easwari Rao , Arjun Ashokan, Shine Tom Chacko, Lukman, Ranjith, Asif Ali.

Cinematography : Sajith purushan, Jimshi Khalid

 Music: Prashant Pullai

Manikandan (Mammooty), Sub inspector of police along with his team heads to Chhattisgarh as a special force to conduct election in a place filled with mysteries. Things get heated up when they get to know more about that place, its people and their unpreparedness to face the situation. The remaining plot deals on how these police men face the reality and survive.

The director needs to be appreciated for penning such a script about a true incident that he read in a newspaper article. He further gains a credit for making the film realistic rather than making it a mass commercial film. The entire cast has rendered their best performances.

 “The background score makes the scenes more intense and acts as the backbone of the film. “

The personal vengeance between the policemen and their ego play further makes the scenes more and more intense and builds the tension. 

The script might need Easwari Rao’s character as Mammooty’s wife, but she had hardly two phone call scenes, wish it could have been made with just voiceovers instead of wasting such a talent’s potential.
The Cinematographer carries the entire film along with the intensity of the plot.
Definitely, UNDA is a WORTH watch.
Stream it in Amazon prime and grab your snacks to enjoy this brilliantly made thriller-drama.

Mammooty’s acting needs to be applauded but what makes us to thank him is accepting such a realistic film without demanding any commercial elements. “

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