A religion called cinema

Everyone of us would have crossed the age where, days seemed to be caressingly smooth and not in rush. The air around us which filled the space was not only meant for breathing, but also for carrying cheerful little dreams. Dreams were light and brought no pressure upon us. Instead,it gave us resolute wings which flew us to places beyong imagination. Unreluctantly, we were given the freedom to question anything and everything present around us  without expecting any reasonable answer,but, just answers.It was at this age, once my rules abiding,strict Amudha teacher told me that,

“Ekalavya was such a determined student that, he was able to master the art of archery with only a lifeless mud statue of his guru Dhronacharya.”

This well constructed statement was not so convincing to me. The voice inside me said, ” Even after sitting right infront of my well featured guru and listening to her pre-prepared chants on every subject, Iam not able to cope up with the art of learning. Then,how could it have been possible for him? It is all a mere story.” I told myself.

But today, everyone of us, who is seated back at home and looking forward to learn the art of film making,could be related to Ekalavya. The only remarkable difference is that, this guru has given life to many Ekalavyas. Yes! MANI RATNAM THE GURU.

Apparently, we all belong to that desperate clan of insignificant humans,who are not fortunate enough to seek education in the field,right in the presence of our guru. But,his impactful stories, relatably carved characters, versatile use of background and riveted art of storytelling gives us wings again,which can only be felt and not touched.

We live and dwell in a world dumped with plenty of love calls,which are abundantly facilitated with out goings but not much of incomings. Yeah! This critical condition is termed as ” One sided love stories” (As if love can choose sides).

According to this widely believed myth, in a place where we dont receive what we desire, there lives a man we all know who loves selflessly. When the human race struggles to be loved by flesh and soul, this man has cultivated many decades coded,imbibed and dedicated to love.

Undeniably, This man is one Romeo for his  cinema. Several tales may come and go, but this ever-together epic can never be ruled off from the rolls of history.

But at some point, his love towards cinema progressed to the next vivid stage. Present here,he exhorted the idea that ” Love is common to all,and not personal”. Initially, when he held the hands of cinema everybody would have questioned his loyalty and diligence.

His loyalty took deep roots, when he let his love flow through the cinema screens. The droplets of love splattered everywhere. In the presence of these love droplets some of us felt washed off,some of us felt drenched,some of us felt wet,yet, there are some who could only witness.

Can any human be more promising and loyal to what he loves? Can any of us witness something healthier and beautiful than this relationship. His love towards films is immortal. It makes our minds inquisitive.

He deserves to be called as one among the ” Revolutionists in the Indian cinema”, whole heartedly.

If you’re not banged hard and pushed deep down to the lower bottom of the self realisation points in your life, then you must stop running,take a deep breath and observe the details around you. His movies will compel you to do so.


  Once you get bitten by the bug,

  You remain seriously bitten”

                                                   – Mani ratnam.

With love,



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  1. Harsha prabha

    Wowww great work 🤩👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Harsha

    Excellence in words. Ekalavya factor👏👏

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  5. Kishore.V

    Awesome !!

  6. Shalini

    Just 20 yrs of experience…. About Mani Ratnam the guru ‘s Cinematography…… Melted….. Shower more….. Loved the way to explored…..

  7. Lakshmen

    Until this day.. Didn’t stop to realize the small things which are remarkable in his films… Thanks for providing me with a chance to look

  8. Muthu

    Your words and passion for his work 🔥
    Revolutionist and ever Charming Mani ratnam ❣️😍

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