Did Baaram really have weightage in its content?

Director: Priya Krishnaswamy

Cast: Sugumar Shanmugam, Stella Gobi, Atulya Anand, SuPa Muthukumar, Su.Pa. Muthukumar

Music director: Ved Nair

Jayanth Sethu Mathavan

Karuppasamy, an old yet working and a widowed watchman meets with an accident and breaks his hip. This makes him bedridden and his only son has to take care of him. Very few days later, he dies and his nephews find the death to be suspicious and tries to find it.

” This national award winning social documentary film throws us a hard hitting evil practice being done even now in many villages down south. “

All the actors in the film pulled it off extremely well. The director who’s also the editor of the film deserves appreciation for showing the hard reality about the evil practice without much dramatizing or commercializing the content. The scene where bedridden Karuppasamy tries to gift a flute to his 

grandchild which he had bought just before he met the accident kindles our emotions very well. 

The crew tried to record the dialogues live which could have been made better. Though all the actors have done their part well, none of them looked familiar(not even one) which is why this film is not noticed by many people.

The film has got the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Tamil.

” The screenplay seems to be neat and well written without any unnecessary scenes which in turn makes the film’s duration also crisp as required for the content. “

Definitely, BAARAM is a worth watch.
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