Mindhunter – Delve into the minds of the most notorious serial killers

Director: David Fincher
Cast: Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, Hannah Gross, Anna Torv 

Language: English

It is Quantico, Virginia. The story is set in the year 1977 . Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallanay) two FBI agents from a special ‘behavioural science’ unit, travel all over the country to interview serial killers, convicted and imprisoned for the most brutal crimes. They document their observations, aiming to create a database that would prove useful to law enforcements to identify potential criminals and prevent crime before it even happens.

” The series takes us through this wild psychological journey as we find answers to questions like who are serial killers and what made them killers. “

The series is an exciting genre that both terrifies and thrills us. The story is based upon real-life serial killers who existed during those times and the characters Holden and Bill are inspired from a real pair of FBI agents who were pioneers in understanding that crime has evolved and even in coining the term ‘serial killer’. 

Jonathan and Holt are brilliant together as Holden and Bill and the mentor-mentee chemistry between them is a vital part of the show. As they progress and interview several convicts to understand their psyche, their reasons and their habits, they begin to apply their observations practically in real-life multiple murder cases, to gain the edge over the criminal and identify him by thinking like him. One of the most interesting things about the show is that, we never get to actually witness the violence, gore and the horrible acts committed by the killers. But the same is presented to the audience through details, discussions and confessions, leaving the rest to the imagination of the audience which surprisingly succeeds in inducing a sense of fear and thrill.

Ed Kemper (Cameron Britton) convicted for ten murders is one of the very first seral killers to be interviewed. Ed Kemper is a sociopath capable of manipulating people and Cameron is absolutely menacing as Kemper with his deep voice and 

” There are also several edge-of-the-seat moments when the agents desperately try to solve murder cases.  “

piercing eyes and will send chills down your spine every time he talks.

Cameron has a striking resemblance to the real-life Ed Kemper and also has adopted his body language and mannerisms for the show. The agents also interview Charles Manson (Damon Herriman) , infamous for the Tate murders in the year 1969. The show also captures the effects of such a disturbing job in the private lives of Holden and Bill and how it takes a toll on them.

The show can be unsettling and too much to take in for light-hearted people who are not particularly fond of thrillers. The show is a bit slow and the story is mostly driven by conversations. However, season 1 becomes interesting once things pick up pace. Season 2 could have been shorter and on point as the plot felt stretched at one point. Apart from the interviews and the crime-solving, the show has been slowly setting up the stage for a terrifying villian, the BTK strangler, an active serial killer at large. The agents are not yet actively involved in his case until the end of season 2. We really hope the writers would finally bring the storyline to the main stage in season 3.

Director David Fincher (Fight Club, Seven, Zodiac) once again proves he is one of the best in business when it comes to thrillers.

The insane experience Mindhunter provides, makes it is a worth watch for people who prefer thrillers and can handle dark content. Available to stream on Netflix


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