Guess how many hurdles HELEN has crossed to survive?

Director: Mathukutty Xavier

cast : Anna Ben, Lal Jose

Language: Malayalam

Helen (Anna Ben), a strong willed young nurse who works in food court for part time, gets caught in a situation helplessly and all that she can do is to never give up on her life. The rest of the plot focuses on what Helen does to survive, how her father and boy friend are trying to find her location and did all their efforts succeed or not. 

 ” This makes us to sit in the edge of the seat without even having any breathers in between. “

Anna Ben’s performance is remarkable and she just made us to feel thrilled with all her expressions. Actors Noble Babu and Lal give out their best in terms of performance.

First half has light moments like showing her bond with father and cute love fights with her boyfriend. The story shifts a gear when her peaceful bond with father is collapsed all of a sudden. From then the movie enters the thrill-zone till the end of the film. Even during a difficult situation where she struggles to survive, Helen tries to save a Rat which makes us fall in love with her.

 ” Though the story is adopted from the true incidents faced by a girl, it is written extremely well with an engaging screenplay which deserves to be appreciated. “

The different ways she used to keep her survival rate up , the way she built her tent within the place she got locked all makes us wonder and also makes us to fall a little more for the brilliant writing of the film. The camera, music and the editing part is also handled very well by the team.
Some people might find the film initially to be little slow till the plot sets the pace to thrill you. This could be the only negative one could point in this film still there is no irrelevant scene in the movie which deviates from the plot.
Anna Ben steals the entire show with her extra-ordinary performance. The background score also deserves to be praiseworthy.
Definitely HELEN would be a worth watch.
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