5 Decades of RAJINISM and this horse is still running.

I was just 6-7 years old when I saw those powerful eyes for the first time. To be precise I asked my brother who was watching the film very keenly, “Yaru na idhu?” and the response comes as “En Thalaivaru da, epdi massah”. Little did I know that I would become one of his die-hard followers. Don’t know if it is his style or charisma or acting made me become one, but this man has a strong magnetic power of pulling people towards him easily.

I started imitating his dialogues from Padayappa like “En Vazhi.. Thani Vazhi” along with his mannerism. When I saw Baashsha for the first time, it influenced me for like years that’s when I used to make quirky sounds with my one hand and say “Na oru thadava sonna nooru thadava sonna maadri”.

From then, I grew up watching his films, cried to get Padayappa (Kikku Yerudhe suite) costumes, collected lots of Chandramukhi stickers, slowly this man went deep into my heart where he did some magic and made me smile whenever I see him or even his poster or even while listening to his songs. Time flew, but the Padayappa-effect didn’t fade, later when I started using computers I started watching all his speeches where he says a small story with a sweet moral in the end. Then, what attracted me the most is his simplicity, he never cares about going to any public place without any makeup or wig. Day by day the fan within me grew into a follower, which made me see movies that came during the 70s and 80s.

Each movie of him made my love to become unconditional which made me sad to the core when he was not well. After a couple of years, people saw me like a fool when I wrote a poem for him and sent it through a letter. Two years back, I got to go through a tough phase like Kuselan Vadivelu ( Saloon Kadai Shanmugam ) to see him from a distance during the 2.0 trailer launch. Though the Padayappa-effect stays even after 21 years of its release, a new craze came in 2019 as Petta, which drove us back to witness the vintage side of him.

This man with the most number of hit movies is a trendsetter for many upcoming actors. There is no particular genre for his movie, he is the one who created his genre with a perfect blend of romance, comedy, action, and style which is now being followed by many aspiring actors. It’s not just one or two, but for more than 4 decades this man has been an inspiration for many. This man’s movie was the first to have early morning special shows, his movie is the first to have its promotional poster painted on an airplane, his movie was the first to create record-breaking collections and lot more. He, who remains as an undisputed King in the industry, will cherish that special place forever. Remember that he never sits back during a failure instead jumps like a horse and this horse’s name is RAJINIKANTH and he will remain the King forever

With love,

Shiva sasi

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  1. Sajiv rajendran

    #superstarrajinikanth is the only Indian actor who has INDUSTRY HITS in 5 consecutive decades!

    Black & White Screen , Colour , SciFi Movie , 3D & Animation Movie

    Thalaiva your are great 😍💥🔥

  2. Rohit

    Nice man

  3. Rohit

    Nice man

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