Did Fahad take us off to the TRANCE?

Director: Anwar rasheed

Cast : Fahad fazil, Gautham Menon, Nazriya nazim, Vinayakan, Chemban Vinod, Sreenath Bhasi


Viju Prasad, who is a motivational speaker trains people to earn more money after working as a waiter, lived in a mystery family which had suicidal history. Things get worse when Viju went through depression, which made him to join in a religious mafia as Pastor Joshua Carlton. What happens when Viju finds that he’s just a puppet face of the scam and things fall apart when he finds them dominating him .
Fahad’s outstanding performance uplifts the film from the beginning till the end. Nazriya’s extended cameo seems to be a delightful part to all her fans. The scene where Viju (Fahad) wakes up from coma and behaves crazily in front of Solomon (GVM) and Isaac (Chemban vinod) seems to be hilarious .

Thomas(Vinayakan) who believes in Pastor Joshua’s way of treating illness with just prayers and without medical support portrays how people become a victim for their drama.One could get the famous lines of KAMAL HASSAN

This line could be the best to point out the mistake made by Thomas. 

KAMAL HASSAN “Kadavule ila ndran paar avana nambalam, kadavul irukkundran paru avana kuda nambalam, Aana naan dhan kadavul nu solran par avana matum nambadha, nee pootacase aiduva.”

We may find the plot is travelling without a motive throughout the second half which is a major setback in the film. Many of us may feel like raising the question why did Viju , who self claims to be an atheist  before he becomes a pastor, prays inside a church after becoming Pastor when Thomas tries to bring his child’s dead body to him. The blunt logic less anticlimax would definitely not satisfy many people.
The background music (Music Director) and the sound effects (Sound design team) definitely adds energy to the film. Also the visual impact given by the cameraman makes the film look colourful and adds a unique flavour to this psychological-drama.
Definitely TRANCE would be a WORTH watch.
Stream it in Amazon prime and take off to the TRANCE state.
Shiva sasi

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