Dark – time for time travel

Director: Baran bo Odar 

Cast : Louis Hofmann, Lisa Vicari, Gina Stiebitz, Oliver Masucci, Antje Traue

Language: German

This german series is focused on a small german town called Winden and the bizarre things that begin to happen when a man kills himself and a boy disappears. A shady nuclear power plant and a creepy cave are somehow connected to the mystery. More kids disappear and the residents of the town also hide secrets from each other as they discover there is a wormhole in their town through which time-travel is actually possible.

The show provides an interesting perspective on time. The past, the present and the future are all connected it says. The writing is complex as time travel is a hard subject. The show manages to keep the audience on their toes as they try and guess what happens next.

Despite concentrating on time travel, wormholes and the sci-fi stuff, the show also deals with delicate relationships between the people of the town as they come to know the truth about themselves .

The show feels like Stranger Things but even darker.

The twists and the reveals are mind-blowing and you would definitely need a minute to take those in. The attention to detail in the plot is extraordinary considering the subject matter is fragile and even a single error would sabotage the story.

The non-linear screenplay is a bit difficult to follow and maybe confusing at times. Utmost attention is required as every detail counts. The show jumps back and forth to different timelines and we see younger versions of the same characters. 

” Remembering the characters in the initial stages is a challenge as there are many but all have a part to play in the story. “

Sometimes the audience may feel the question ‘why?’ goes unanswered. To sum-up, Dark is a compelling story with a few drawbacks. If you are into sci-fi thrillers and feel you are ready to get your brain to work, it is a worth watch and certainly worth your efforts

All 3 seasons available to stream on Netflix (with English audio)




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