Does the love journey seem to be as sweet as Sillukaruppati?

director:Halitha shameem

cast: Sunainaa, Baby Sarah, Samuthirakani, Nivedhithaa sathish, Leela Samson, Manikandan.K, Sree Ram, Rahul.



A poetic compilation of four different love stories which defines four different forms of love like puppy love, youthful love, old-aged love, and middle-aged love. The director Halitha Shameem slowly takes us off to her world where people realize what love is. The small connection between each story is what makes the anthology an adorable one.

The entire cast and crew has given their best work. The  film’s background score travels along the plot which makes us to emote according to situations in the film.The story of Mity and Manja portrays love as a thankful or a tender feel where both

” No wonder, if you have a smile on your face for the  whole day after watching this film “

 Manja (Rahul) and Mity (Sarah) wanted to see the other person happy. The story of Madhu (Nivedhitha) and Mugilan (Manikandan) depicts love as making each other robust which blossoms their friendship into a beautiful love. The story of Navaneedhan (Sree RAM) and Yashoda (Leela Samson) blows us with a breezy old-aged love tale between a spinster and a widowed man. The story of Amudhini (Sunaina) and Dhanapal (Samuthirakani) illustrates what a mother of three children and a loveable house wife craves from her husband in terms of love. The writer is appreciable for the beautifully penned dialogues throughout the film. We may laugh, cry, feel sorry, feel guilty, feel happy, feel so nice in the course of watching it.

“The film has got a solid connect with the audience which makes us to travel through different phases of emotions.”

Don’t be surprised if you feel good throughout the day after watching this film. This film definitely opens up different perspectives on how a women needs to be loved, cared, treated and basically what she needs. Mity sends a sweet gift in the end

Madhu helps Mugilan to become mentally strong, Yashoda makes Navaneedhan to feel happy for having her company, Amudhini makes her husband to be a better person ,these moments make us feel lite and occupies a special place in our memory. Some people might feel the pace of the film to be slow but it’s definitely in the pace that the script demands. There might be few logic loop-holes which is negligible for the quality content  it has delivered. All the ladies in the film like Sunainaa, Sarah, Leela Samson and Nivedhitha gives their best adorable performance and deserve all the appreciations they receive.
Definitely, SILLU KARUPPATTI is a worth watch.
Stream it in Netflix and fall in love with this beautiful piece of art. 
Shiva sasi

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    Nice movie review….kudos to the team they are doing fantastic job

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    Good content of reviews
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  3. Lavanya ram

    It’s definitely worth watching Sillukarupatti movie ❤ . It makes you feel good and puts a smile on your face throughout the movie . The climax makes you feel happy for some reason .
    Excellent review … well made guys …
    Appreciate your efforts 👏👏 … Keep up the good work 👍

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    Great review!
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